I was wondering if you know where Abigail got her phone case from? She hasn't used it in a long while but it had a skull on it? Love the blog xx!

Abigail Halliday; 2000 | 2008 | 2014 selfies


Do you think that because of many creepy fans of Josh and YM@6 related people Abigail has made her IG private and stopped posting many pictures?

More than likely. I think that’s why she had her Twitter private for a while as well.


Abby most definitely used to be a bit chubbier. But if you look on her Instagram and such she seems to be very health conscious and eats much healthier now. Plus she said on her tumblr she lost her "puppy weight"

I never said she wasn’t a bit chubbier. In her teen years, she most definitely was. I just didn’t like people coming on my blog and basically telling me she was fat. Abby was never, ever fat.