Do you know how Abigail knows Zoella/Zoe Sugg the Youtuber? I always see Zoella comment and like Abigail's photos and noticed Zoella follows her, although Abigail does not reply or follow Zoe.

I’m not sure if Abby actually knows her. I don’t think she does, but she might! 


If you go on Abby's favourites you'll see she's favourited a tweet that says "dating tip: don't" I won't what that's all about!

Abby favourites a lot of tweets, haha. 


eep, i just found your account and i must say it's really rad :-) i was kinda stalking it for a while, looking for a picture of her what i could draw! thanks to your account, i now know her facial expressions, and that is something what is really useful when it comes to drawing! :-)) stay cool

This is so awesome! Thank you!